Hello there. Meet a highly experienced copywriter who can do and has done everything from a snappy line to a suitable tone of voice to a seamless integrated campaign.

I understand requirements quickly, work efficiently and get the job done with a minimum of fuss whether it’s print, digital, experiential, social or everything at the same time.

Big ideas for brand activation? Check. Exceptional experiences? No problem. Not to mention the award-winning web sites and online campaigns. Ads for TV, cinema, radio and plenty of press. Tone of voice development. Promotional film scripts. Football reporting, business journalism and film reviews. Tons - literally - of POS, DM and brochures (the chances are you’ve ‘recycled’ something I’ve worked on). Editing, planning content, ensuring compliance…

In fact, it’s been quite a day.

Jaguar Formula E Virtual Reality Challenge
WorldMediaFestival Award Winner Award
Millions of stories, infinite possibilities
The Drum Dream Awards Bima shortlist
Inside Rolls Royce
European Mobility Week Award
FWA Site of the Day
Performance from every part
#UNLEASHPRINT, drupa 2016
Global 'Playbooks'
Webby Awards FWA Site of the Day
The Slowest Car We've Ever Built
TomTom Bandit action camera
Oculus Rift Experience
In Residence
Website and a rather large brochure
All sorts of things
Sky British Cycling
I can
Global website rewrite
Inside Out
Felix Roasted
Corporate Social Responsibility
Destroy Your Desk
Selection Box
Sky Studios at The O2
Express Your Spirit
People who know where they're going
An old favourite

Don't take my word for it

  • “Mark has the built-in ability to just ‘click’ into place. Whenever, whatever and with whoever, he just makes things happen quickly and pretty damn well. He’s been dropped into projects I’m working on with the toughest of clients and briefs and within minutes we’re in a new direction making headway.”

    Richard Morgan: Digital Design Director, Geometry, London

    “Mark’s logical and efficient approach made a complex project far more straightforward and simple than it would otherwise have been. He very quickly absorbed a lot of information and turned it into clear, compelling copy.”

    Paul McCrudden: Digital Strategist, Imagination, London

  • “We asked Mark to come over and work on a digital project for a well-known drinks brand - and were pleased we did. He generated strong ideas and his writing was just as impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and creative copywriter.”

    Marjolein van der Hoek: Planning & Resource Manager, Tribal DDB, Amsterdam

    “I went to meet the entire marketing team at a large multinational provider of business and accounting software. They use Mark to write white papers, blogs, social media, email flows, you name it. Their feedback about him was outstanding - some of the best I’ve ever heard about a freelancer. Now they all fight over who gets to use him.”

    Rob Hall, Account Director & Team Lead, Vitamin T

  • “I wanted to send a belated thank you for all your work on the project. It was a pleasure working with you and your flexibility and fast-turnarounds were greatly appreciated by all of us! The event itself was hailed a great success by all sides and they exceeded their sales targets by a very healthy margin so all in all a very successful show.”

    Mark Hadley, Account Director, Imagination

    “Mark is one of the few freelancers who can instantly understand what’s required, challenge a brief where necessary and pick up the right tone of voice. He produces strong, relevant concepts and copy across both digital and print for a wide range of brands, from HSBC to Nokia.”

    Jackie Barbour, Creative Services Manager, JWT, London

  • “I’ve been working closely with Mark on a series of projects for a global brand. When we took over the account, creative had received a client rating of ‘Unsatisfactory’. 12 months later it is now ‘Outstanding’ - the highest possible. I think that says a lot.”

    Steve Lunn, Global Creative Director, Geometry Global

    “It wouldn’t be too creative to say Mark played a major role in developing our BlackBerry and Nestle Purina accounts, turning his hand to pretty much everything from tone of voice to TV ads, web sites, integrated campaigns, promo film scripts… and darts.”

    Richie Parsons, Creative Director, JPMH

  • “CoPilot Live is the leading satellite navigation software for mobile phones and a top selling iPhone app, but none of our agencies have managed to reflect that in our communications. Mark provided real differentiation, brought in a designer and helped the brand take a real step forward.”

    David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications, ALK

Latest updates

Not just any Port in a storm

Posted on 15/March/2017

I got 2017 off to a flying start with a trip out to Porto. Mission? To immerse myself in Port wine. Tut. I know… isn’t it? It was all part of a cracking project with Imagination to develop a brand new visitor experience for Cálem - Portugal’s leading Port brand and the city’s most popular Port tour.

Sorry, but I can't write about it

Posted on 29/August/2016

I’m working on a couple of interesting scripts at the moment, but I’ve had to sign a NDA for each so can’t really say too much about them.

Blast from the past...#1

Posted on 26/July/2016

Sometimes - but not often - I come across a piece of work that brings a tear to my eye and, yes, a smile even to my face. It might be a poster, a promotion, even a radio script. Today it’s a print ad for HSBC written while on a most enjoyable stint at RMG Connect.

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